The KA1RCI Repeater Network

223.960 / 222.360 with PL 127.3 - Established 1992

449.325 / 444.325 with PL 127.3 - Established 1992

Johnston - Rhode Island

With the success of my repeater project building the new 441.350 system I decided to build another multi-node repeater. I had another commercial rack cabinet cut down to the size needed to build the new 223.960 and 449.325 repeaters. These went online at the Lincoln site and have been there for 12 years.

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The three photos above show the 223.960 and 449.325 repeaters when they were first build back in the early 1990's. There is also a photo of some digital packet nodes online sharing the same repeater antennas with the voice system.

2004 marked a great deal of changes to the repeater network. Major upgrades to the 223.960 and 449.325 system including a new powerful FF-800 controller along with a move to a prime site with 350 foot towers in Johnston, RI.

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The four photos above show the 223.960 and 449.325 repeaters during the upgrade phase, I am installing the new powerful FF-800 repeater controller and a new link radio to tie the Lincoln and Johnston sites together.


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These photos show the Johnston system after all the upgrades and mode to the new site have been completed.




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