The KA1RCI Repeater Network

441.350 / 446.350 with PL 103.5 - Established 1988

Providence - Rhode Island

Joe WA1TAQ built the original 441.350 repeater that was online for a short time as a standalone node in Lincoln, RI. Unfortunately he had to return the hardware that he had used to build the repeater so it was only on the air for a few months.


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441.350 / 446.350 New Repeater 1990

with the 921.200 system added in 1995

After Joe had to return the hardware from the first repeater I built a new 441.350 system myself. This repeater has been rebuilt and upgraded several times and has also been moved around a few times over the years. It was online in Cranston for a year, moved to No. Attleboro for several years, then back in Lincoln before finally moving to the permanent site in Providence RI.


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The photos above are from various stages over the years. The photos on the left are the repeater in No. Attleboro, MA and at that time it has a link to the 146.46 repeater in Cranston, RI and the 449.325 repeater in Lincoln, RI. The photos on the right show the repeater in Providence, RI after it was upgraded with a multi-link controller and had the 921.200 repeater added.



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