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The long awaited S-Com 7330 controllers have finally started making their way out into the Amateur Radio community in a limited Beta test group and I have been very fortunate to be included in the Beta testing team with TWO new 7330 controllers.

The S-Com 7330 Repeater Controller


I am installing the first of my two new 7330 controllers at the Providence site on the 441.350 / 921.200 repeater which has been running on an S-Com 6K for more than 18 years. There is nothing wrong with the 6K, it has preformed flawlessly all these years in 24x7x365 service, but the more powerful 7330 will give me greater "control" of the linking at this key site.

The second 7330 controller will be deployed at the Lincoln site on the 146.460 / 447.775 / 921.6125 repeater replacing the existing FF-800 controller so I will have easy access to work with the controller during the beta testing phase.

Providence 441.350 / 921.200 installation 

One of the first repeaters that Greg KC1CE and I build back in 1988 was the 441.350 repeater and it has been in continuous duty for almost 20 years now. The repeater has been at the downtown Providence site for 12 years, the Neulink UHF RF deck and S-Com 6K controller have not been removed from the rack since the repeater was deployed to the site in 1995. They have been performing without any problems and I have only taken them out to install the new more powerful S-Com 7330 controller.

I am sure this 6K controller will find its way back onto the repeater network at some other site.

In these photos you can see the extra shielding that Greg installed on all the RF cables to help eliminate any potential interaction between the UHF transmitter and receiver. The group of LED's in the front of the RF deck are for the RCL-4 control board that gives the 6K controller the ability to control multiple link radios.

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Providence beta 7330 install photos here

Lincoln, RI 146.460 / 447.775 / 921.6125 installation 

The Lincoln repeaters running on the existing FF-800 Controller 


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Lincoln beta 7330 install photos here

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