The KA1RCI Repeater Network

My second homebrew controller 1986

After using the original radio telephone integrator as a classroom I decided to sit down and take all the knowledge that I had learned and build a second more powerful and smaller controller. This controller would be built as a repeater controller with full touch-tone functionally, latched outputs to turn other devices on and off, full duplex auto-patch, and automated CW Identification.

These two photos show my homebrew controller with my Kenwood TS-440. I have it configured with multiple I/O ports for the various signal and audio connections. It can be quickly connected to a dual-band radio, two individual radios, a phone line, external power devices, external speakers, etc. Most of the time I have it connected to a Kenwood TM-621A 144/220 mobile radio and one of my MFJ 1270C TNC's. In this configuration it allows me to turn devices in the shack on and off remotely using the 220 radio in my truck. I can also make and receive full-duplex phone calls while away from the house, and when I am home I can run packet radio from my desk.

In these photos you can see all the different components, I build a touch tone decoder, audio mixer, phone line interface, courtesy tone circuit, CW identification, and four relays that can be latched on or off for controlling external devices. I also use it with my mobile radios to quickly put a repeater online in minutes for special events or emergency communications.

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